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使用天线增强器设计物联网设备;Design of IoT devices with Antenna Boosters
信号完整性测量中的校准和去嵌;De-Embedding Method Analysis for Signal Integrity Measurement
用Virtuoso RF解决方案集成RFIC、RF模块设计以及签核流程;Integrated RFIC, RF Module Design, and Signoff Flow with Virtuoso RF Solution
电源电流评估和电热协同设计;Current Flow Evaluation of Power Supply and Coordinated Design of Electric-Thermal
纳入射频模块后,对用于四合一服务的FTTH-GPON系统的物理性能进行评估;Evaluation of the Physical Performance of an FTTH-GPON System for Quad Play Services After the Incorporation of an RF Module
多芯片集成DDR颗粒的设计与仿真实践;Design and Simulation Practice of Multi-die Integrated DDR Particles
USB 3.1 Type-C连接的信号完整性和一致性测试;Signal Integrity and Compliance Test of USB 3.1 Type-C Interconnect
THz混频器和转换器的幅度和相位测量;Magnitude and phase measurements on mixers and converters in the THz range
5G相比4G,在V2X的射频、协议、应用场景方面可改进参数;5G vs 4G: improve the parameters in terms of V2X radio frequency, protocol, and application scenarios
5G信号分析仪中信道估计和跟踪算法分析;Analysis of channel estimation and tracking algorithm in 5G signal analyzer
下一代高速高性能测试;Next generation for unseen speed in high performance test
PCB测量中几种去嵌入方法的比较;Comparison of several de-embedding methods in PCB measurement
用于物联网的雷达技术;Radar Technology for IoT Applications
5G OTA测量系统与核心技术;5G OTA Measurement Systems and Key Technologies
克服为5G无线通信配置山顶频谱监测系统的困难;Overcome the challenges for setting up the hilltop spectrum monitoring system for the 5G wireless communications
用于亚太赫兹大信号测量的功率控制和有源牵引的方法;A frequency scalable approach for power control and active tuning for sub-THz large-signal measurements
智慧城市的物联网和无线技术;IoT and Wireless Technologies for Smart Cities
为5G应用构建功率放大器设计框架;Building a Power Amplifier Design Framework for 5G Applications
高速串行总线的布局细节仿真和测试;Layout detail simulation and testing for High-Speed serial bus
UWB 802.15.4/4z技术和测试挑战;UWB 802.15.4/4z Technologies and Test Challenges
一种利用测向冗余解的平面双站时差导航方法;Two-station navigation method
用于汽车雷达系统仿真的多射线追踪复杂环境建模;Multiple Ray Tracing Complex Environment Modeling for Automotive Radar System Simulation
基于DDRx的SI/PI联合仿真;SI/PI Co-Simulation based on DDRx interface
封装天线:从传导到OTA,以及维持校准功率测量的要求;Antenna in Package: From conducted to OTA and the requirement to maintain calibrated power measurements
功率放大器测试:从负载牵引到调制测试;Power Amplifier Test: from Load Pull to Modulated Test
在暗室内模拟电磁环境的方法;Methodology to emulate an electromagnetic environment in an anechoic chamber
射频功率放大器的效率提升;Efficiency enhancements for RF power amplifiers
ADI新一代射频集成收发芯片ADRV902X介绍;Introduction of ADI new RF transceiver product ADRV902X
新功率测量技术满足当今苛刻的射频和放大器的需求;New Power Measurement Techniques for Today's Demanding RF World and Faster Power Serving for Amplifiers
基于阶跃响应计算的抖动分解新方法;New Approach for Jitter Decomposition based on Step Response Calculation
输出功率及其影响因素;Output power and what's behind it
SSB相位噪声,概念和应用;SSB Phase Noise, Concepts, and Applications